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In a world where you want to connect, create content, comment and share, we make it hassle free. We are freedom of speech and privacy advocates. A place where your content is yours! Join our community where your voice matters. We have free Networks of Interest (newsfeeds of your hobby or thing), Groups (get connected), Pages (advertise your specialty), Classifieds (sell something), Career Center (jobs!), Recipes (create & share), Petitions (make a change), Events (have fun with friends), Polls (get the popular opinion) and so much more.

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    Schmules is a new social media site for 18+ without all the stinkin' rules. We hate rules, so if it's legal in your area, you can post, comment, and share it.
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    If it’s not illegal, why is your social media slapping your hand, or putting you in social media jail for language, strong opinions, religion, politics, or selling animals?
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    No algorithms to control your feed, no search engine data tracking, no listening apps, no facial recognition software, no fact checking, and no covered or blocked content.

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