What are the advantages of using blogs vs regular posts?

Visually Appealing
With our WYSIWYG editor you have unlimited editing choices, giving you more freedom with creating a blog that is eye-appealing, creative and fun. Try different font colors and alternate font families for your heading and body content. Import creative icons, images, ads, or documents.
Add photos anywhere in your blog. Instead of posts where you add a photo then give a description, or create a post and attach a photo, Our editor gives you the freedom to relay a story and add photos within it. Photos within your blog can be resized by dragging across them, then resizing by using the corner tabs.
With our WYSIWYG editor you can create content using source code, paste in your content, insert backgrounds, videos, images, links, change fonts, change font sizes, use Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough. And that's not all, there are so many different design options the choices are endless.
When it's important to have links in your blog, we have you covered? You can attach links to photos or link to your content anywhere in your blog. This even gives options to flow from one blog to another, especially with our sub blogs, or from one blog to a specific webpage. Direct your audience where you want them.


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