Create a Petition. Make a Change. It's FREE!

A petition is a request to make a change with initiatives that are important to you. Get involved. Make a change!

Step 1) Create A Petition
Click Create A Petition to get started. Enter the details and a photo depicting your Petition cause. In your Dashboard, set-up your Contact Info and Petition Timeline.
Step 2) Petition Roles
Set Petition roles on who may edit, delete or configure your petitions settings.
Step 3) Petition Letter
Create the details of your Petition Letter to whom your addressing petition changes to, stipulating your cause.
Step 4) Get Signatures
Share your Petition with all your friends. Select the Public Feed for additional exposure as well as all your other social networking sites. Ask your friends to sign your petition and share it with their friends. Once you have the signatures you've sought, submit your letter
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